Wondering what's in store for global hiring in 2024? 🚀🌍

As we step into 2024, the landscape of talent acquisition is undergoing significant transformations. The global workforce is evolving, and new technologies are reshaping the way organizations find and hire talent. To stay ahead in the competitive market, businesses need to understand and adapt to these changes.

Join our Masterclass, to discover the shifts in talent acquisition, innovative strategies and the future of hiring to stay ahead of the game.



What you'll learn

  • Unveiling the Future Workforce of 2024
  • A Deep Dive into AI-Powered Talent Acquisition
  • The Global Talent Quest: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions
  • Candidate experience and employer branding
  • Navigating Employee Relocation and Global Work Trends

Who's it for?

👤👔💼 This webinar is a must-attend for HR professionals, business owners, and leaders seeking to gain a deep understanding of the key strategies for building and sustaining successful remote teams



28 November 2023  | 12pm GMT


Meet our expert panel


Louis Demetroulakos

Head of Partnerships

Marieke Van Iperen

CEO & Co-Founder

Sharon Onwuazor

Head of Peole & Operations

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